By Finn Hopson
22 July - 10 September 2017

-    the underlying sounds of a landscape; the ambient murmur of an environment, often hard to hear or tune in to.

A collection of new work, printed and exhibited here at Brighton Photography for the first time.  

The South Downs seems a familiar place, a patchwork of rolling greenery that is the very definition of the British countryside. Yet within this landscape is an astonishing variety of colours, shapes, sound and light that combine to make this such a unique part of the world. 

Each of these photographs is the result of many hours spent in each location, in all weathers and all seasons, trying to get to know every hillside, field and forest along the way and trying to tune into to the ‘undersong’ of subtle noise, fragrance and colour that are so particular to each. Enjoying the differences from one hillside to the next and trying to capture something of what it really feels like to be there.

Prints from the exhibition can be found by clicking here.

Finn Hopson was born in Brighton and still lives here today. Having spent many years cycling and walking on the South Downs he now spends his time photographing them, trying to capture the unique places, shapes, patterns and textures of the UK’s newest national park.

“The South Downs were a part of the very first landscape I ever saw. I don’t recall it that well. The maternity unit at Brighton’s Royal Sussex County Hospital is on the 13th floor, and the view offers a dramatic vision of the sea, the city and the hills beyond. Pretty much every child born there gets shown that view within the first few hours of its life and I was no different. Those hills have been a permanent fixture in my life in one way or another ever since. The landscape is peppered with memories, of good things and bad. Places I went when I should have been at school, the places I’ve ridden my bike and crashed it over and over, and the place where my brother’s ashes are scattered. A place from where, just as in the hospital, you can see the sea, the city and the hills. In short, its unlike anywhere else that I will ever be in or come to know, and there’s still so much to explore.”